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September, 2018

Identity Crisis

Blockchain technology enables the creation of decentralized and autonomous digital identities based on cryptography, which can be verified and validated without the need for a trusted third party, allowing the user to control their personal information securely and privately.

Blockchain technology and zero-knowledge proof identity verification systems are two cutting-edge innovations that, when combined, has the potential to revolutionize the way that people connect and transact online.

The global pandemic has shaken humanity. A new movement emerged across the world, taking solar & lunar punk ideas, leaderless, powered by a group of tech-savvy individuals. People no longer content with the corruption and inefficiencies of traditional centralized systems are looking for a new way to organize themselves through the use of blockchain.

In a few short years, the world changed. The movement become a global community and by freely sharing ideas on decentralized autonomous organizations they come up with a new social network.

Built open source on a decentralized blockchain and using zero-knowledge proof to verify the identity of its users, they let real people connect with others from all over the world, share their ideas, and collaborate on projects without fear to censorship because there was no central authority that could control the content that was shared on the network. No fear of surveillance because the use of zero-knowledge proof makes it impossible for anyone to track the activities of individual users and no fear  of fraud because the decentralized nature makes it impossible to manipulate data without being noticed.

The impact of this new social network was felt across society. At first, the idea seemed like a pipe dream. How could a group of people without any political experience, scattered across the world could come together and make decisions democratically that work for everyone? But as the movement grew, people began to realize the power of this new way of organizing.

As with any revolution, there were those who were determined to maintain their grip on power and used their resources to discredit and disrupt this ideas, painting them as radical and dangerous. Despite these efforts, the movement continued to grow.

This newfound sense of trust in digital systems had led to an explosion of creativity and collaboration. People start using DAOs and Blockchain technology to create new businesses, fund social causes, and  they began to see the potential to change the law. Instead of relying on politicians to make decisions for them, people could come together to propose and vote on new laws.

It was a new era of democracy, powered by the blockchain. Governments and corporations were no longer the only ones with power. The law had been changed for the better, and people were able to live their lives with a newfound sense of empowerment and freedom. In the end, the world had become a better place.


The global pandemic has shaken humanity. A new movement emerged across the world, taking solar & lunar punk ideas, leaderless, powered by a group of tech-savvy individuals.

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