“Wanderer, there is no path. The road is made by walking”.

Free of everything, I choose every day what I want, what makes me well. Relax and enjoy the possibility of tracing my destiny without external interference, only hearing my inner voice, the light that illuminates my path and is the beacon of my destiny.

There are no limits, no structures, no obligations, and no problems. I have a healthy body, a brilliant mind, and a free spirit, loving and ready to have thousands of adventures. Don’t be afraid, don’t be scared. Don’t hesitate. Every decision, every choice, if it comes from my heart if I follow my instinct, will never be wrong.

Do not spend a life hesitantly, fearfully frozen for the fear of doing it wrong, when there are no good and bad. All paths, if they are true to my emotions, to my higher self, are going to be part of the road ahead. They are going to evolve me as a being. With the heart in my hand, always. Forward and enjoying everything.

Ft. Back to the Future & Machado.


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